Share Your Story!

So what’s your story? Everyone has one, so don’t think that you don’t. Some stories are happy and positive, while some other stories are sad and negative. But every persons story can help someone else…simply by sharing it! This is all about real women sharing moments and memories of our lives.

How did you get where you are today? What inspired you along the way? What almost made you give up? What surprised you the most, either good or bad? Who encouraged you to never give up? Who always kept telling you that you’ll never make it?

Share your story because in the same place that you once stood, wondering “How can I do this and where do I begin?” is another woman asking herself those very same questions! Be her motivation and inspiration. Be the reason that someone starts something new today. Be the reason that someone doesn’t give up today. Be someone’s reason to move and motivate!!

Share your story, your passion project, your breakthrough moment, your fork in the road. Whatever you feel can help someone learn and live, than believe me, it’s worth sharing.

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