Biz Tips & Toys

We all come across great websites that make us stop and think…Who Knew?! Here’s just a few of our favorites…

  • Create a custom personal or professional caricature at Dimple Art.
  • Looking for a great place to volunteer? Endless possibilities so no more excuses.
  • It’s a jungle out there (the world-wide web, that is). Let the Social Media Examiner explain it all to you.
  • Online webinars, meetings and trainings made easy with GoToMeeting.
  • Back in the good ‘ol days, weren’t phone numbers actual words (so then they weren’t actually phone numbers, they were phone names, right)? Find out what your phone number spells.
  • Birthdays do have advantages! Check out this birthday calculator that provides interesting (or maybe not-so-interesting) facts about you and your birthdate.
  • Tired of mistakenly calling that West Coast client at 5:00am? (actually the client is probably more tired of it than you are!) Find out what time it is anywhere in the US before you dial!
  • Want to cut back on your postage expenses and address it to the correct zip code the first time? Here’s an easy link to find any US zip code.
  • Who knew how much meaning is behind a name? Find out what your name means.

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