Monthly MasterMinds

Regardless of which professional path you walk, day-to-day challenges can be difficult to deal with. Getting involved with a Mastermind group can be the perfect solution if you:

  • Find yourself struggling with how to grow your business
  • Have a great business idea but aren’t sure how to start it
  • Wonder if your current job is really where you want to be when you grow up
  • Would enjoy brainstorming and conversing with like-minded women on a regular basis

Voila – then this is for you! The focus of a Mastermind group is to brainstorm, problem-solve, inspire, motivate and encourage each other. If you cannot commit to doing this much, then this group is definitely NOT for you.

These select groups meet once a month, and they consist of approximately 6-8 professional women who have similar needs and concerns. The topics and agendas are based on the individual needs of the group, but can vary from business start-up, marketing, networking, financing, day-to-day challenges, etc. A strong and reliable moderator of each group ensures that all topics stay on track and that all group members contribute. Meeting times and locations vary, again based on the preference of each individual group.

If you’d like to join a Mastermind group as a participant, please send an email to If you’d like to be considered as a Moderator for a group, please indicate that in the form below. Please note that groups are built based on similarities of submitted profiles.