WEXNETWomen Giving Back

Over the years WEXNETWomen have come together to support many great causes:

“A NJ/NY WEXNETWoman Needs Your Help After Hurricane Sandy!”

This was the headline of an emergency eblast that was sent to our database asking for help for one of our very own WEXNETWomen in November, 2013. Carole has been a huge supporter of WEXNET for years and had just moved to Breezy Point, NY 2 weeks before Sandy hit. Her home is the 2nd on the right in the picture, and needless to say, she lost everything. In true WEXNETWomen fashion, notes of encouragement, words of prayer and generous donations began brightening Carole’s darkest days.

WEXNETWomen Onsite at Habitat for Humanity

Over the years, WEXNETWomen of NJ have volunteered at numerous
homesites in Newark, NJ

WEXNETWomen Giving Back to Shelter Our Sisters

Shelter Our Sisters assists women and children who are victims of domestic violence, including emotional, economic, sexual, and physical abuse.

WEXNETWomen have been loyal supporters of Shelter our Sisters of Bergen County by volunteering their time at the shelter; participating in their Annual Holiday Gift Wrap Fundraiser; providing financial contributions and donating supplies.

WEXNETWomen Coming Together After Hurricane Katrina

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina temporarily relocated the beautiful Horne family from New Orleans to New Jersey. While reading a newspaper article focusing on the Horne’s shortly after their arrival in NJ, Beth was determined to help. Without hesitation, she called the hotel that the article mentioned they were living in, asked to be connected to their room and from that moment on, a beautiful friendship began. WEXNET put together a fundraising dinner for the Horne’s (William and Tosha and their 4 beautiful sons ~ Blake, Bill, Trae and Christopher), and as expected, WEXNETWomen came out in full force. Athough the Horne’s eventually went back home, Beth and Tosha have been blessed with a beautiful friendship.